One Tree Planted | Ecologi Partnership

Apr 21, 2022
We are proud to have partnered with Ecologi to help support climate action projects across the globe 🌏
With each order placed via, we are able to responsibly plant one tree, helping to offset our carbon emissions and contribute to a very important cause. So far, we have managed to fund the planting of trees in Madagascar!
Collectively, Ecologi have planted an impressive 39.7 million trees, reducing CO2 emissions by 1.7 million. With a goal of reducing half the world's emissions by 2040, we are pleased to involve the Fluff & Crumble community in this initiative to help make a real change 🌿

Read more about our Eco Paw Print and the measures we take at Fluff & Crumble HQ to minimise our emissions and environmental footprint.

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