About us

House of artisan dog biscuits

They say all good things come in pairs and Fluff & Crumble is no exception. Just like bangers and mash, Yin and Yang, Tom and Jerry and your favourite pair of socks, dogs and treats go together like a match made in heaven, so much so we thought we'd dedicate a business to it.

Established in 2020 and born from a love of baking and an even greater love of dogs, Fluff & Crumble celebrates the matrimony between mans (and woman's) best friend and his favourite treat, with an extra-sprinkling of sass and peanut butter for good measure!

Small batch big taste

As artisans we take pride in crafting every single one of our treats by hand in small batches daily, making each and every single dog treat you receive unique in their own way.

Treats with benefits

We believe that we should only feed our dogs ingredients we would consume ourselves, therefore our treats are made with all natural and organic (where possible) ingredients.

Our accreditations

We are registered with our local council/trading standards and submit to regular inspections. We are registered with DEFRA, fully insured and our range has been tested by a UKAS accredited lab.


Elevate your pups treat game

Explore our range of dog treat collections and discover why they're a top favourite amongst our furry friends.