Eco Paw Print

We ensure that our everyday processes are as efficient as possible to minimise the negative effects on the environment around us. By managing our efficiency and productivity, we are able to monitor and improve our environmental impact as best we can.


The packaging we use is either biodegradable or recyclable and always food safe. Whilst we try to minimise the amount of packaging used in our deliveries, the fragile nature of our jars and biscuits means we may have to add in a little extra packaging so they arrive to you safely. This packaging is derived from recycled kraft and is used as sparingly as possible to allow you to recycle with ease.


We try to work as efficiently as possible, after all, it’s the small things that count. From switching off the lights and equipment to timing our production cycles, we make sure that those small things are taken care of, so we can reduce our emissions and usage.


Very little of our materials we use go to waste as we always produce in small batches. This allows us to monitor our inventory and keep wastage to a minimum.

Every order plants a tree


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