National Dog Day - 20 Reasons Why Dogs are the Best

Aug 25, 2021

Everyday is dog appreciation day at Fluff & Crumble HQ and we couldn't pass up the chance to share our love and appreciation for our best furry friends. We've put together this fun list of reasons why we think (and know) that dogs are just the best. Do you agree with our reasons? Can you add any more to the list?

1. Unconditional Enthusiasm

Even if you’ve just popped to the corner shop for milk the unbridled joy that greets you on your return is like nothing else. You can be sure your pooch will be absolutely bursting with enthusiasm to greet you and welcome you home, it’s a love like no other!

2. Bed Warmer

It’s not for everyone but if your pup is one of those who occasionally clambers into the bed, there is nothing nicer than a nicely warmed spot to climb into yourself on colder winter days. Whether or not you let your pooch stay there all night is up to you, but you can certainly enjoy their warm spot!

3. Allergy Protector

OK if you’re already allergic to dogs there’s sadly nothing you can do about that BUT research has found that children who grow up with dogs have a much lower risk of developing eczema and they’ll also have generally fewer pet allergies.

4. Stress Reliever

There’s a reason dogs are used in therapy! Just 15 to 30 minutes with your furry friend can help bring down your heart rate, reduce stress and bring in the calm. Whether you’re just sat together, stroking or enjoying time out and about, your pup is a natural stress reliever.

5. Fitness Motivator

All dogs love a good walk, even if it’s a short stroll round your neighbourhood and that means you have to get out and about too. Come rain or shine you have to give your pup their daily requirements and even the shortest work does wonders for your health too, especially if you need motivation to get active.

6. Friend Finder

Getting social with your pup may come in the form of the people you wave to each day as you on your walk or it could be lifelong friends you meet at puppy classes or dog clubs. Not only does your pup get to make great mates, you do too!

7. Mental Health Booster

Stress relieving and motivating, the time you spend with your pup can provide purpose in even the darkest moments. Many people with mental health problems have listed their dog as a key reason for recovery.

8. Organisation Boss

Your dog requires a routine and if you’re naturally scatty or disorganised they can really help to shape your day and kick those traits into touch. Set walk and meal times give you something to build your day around and with all your love for your pup, you’ll do it with no qualms!

9. Health Enhancer

Research has found dog owners recover more quickly from illnesses. Even those with serious conditions, including those who have suffered heart attacks (, are more likely to fully recover than those living in dogless homes!

10. Life Savers

While your pup may not be likely to save lives, there are hundreds and thousands out there trained to do exactly that. Many working dogs are trained as alert companions, search and rescue animals and more. These dogs truly do save lives and it’s just another indicator of how fantastic our favourite animals are.

11. Home Guarder

Do you have one of those pups who barks every time the doorbell goes? OK it can be a little annoying but the watchdog credentials of many breeds of dog have ensured homes have been safe for centuries. Dogs innately want to protect their owners, even if it’s just the postman knocking!

12. True Loyalty

Once you and your dog have that connection, they’ll never forget. Dogs live to love us and please us and loving them back is so easy! The perfect combination of unconditional love and true loyalty can’t be found in any other pet!

13. No Questions Asked

OK, it’s probably not a surprise your dog can’t talk but if you’re feeling down, your dog will always be there for a stroke or a cuddle or simply to sit with you. Some people say their dogs have a sixth sense for their moods and they sync with each other perfectly. Whether you have a little lapdog or a huge cuddler, they’ll always be there for you in your hour of need offering affection and comfort.

14. Best Selfies Ever

There’s a reason the internet is packed with dog photos! Some of the expressions caught on camera are priceless and almost every pooch has at least one funny selfie shot their owner can be proud of.

15. Most Fun Road Trip Companions Ever

The sheer joy many dogs get from a ride in the car makes road tripping with your pet seem like the best idea ever! Whether they hang their head out of the window in pure excitement or curl up happily on the back seat, there’s nothing better than time on the road with your best pal.

16. No-Guilt Snack Bud

Your dog is never going to look at you like you’re doing something wrong when you head for the snack drawer, as long as you bring them back something tasty too! If you want to gorge on Ben & Jerry’s you can be sure your furry pal will want to join in but you can always chuck them something more suitable and equally tasty.

17. Never Alone

Never having to go back to an empty flat or house is a real joy for many of us and once you’ve got past the initial crazy enthusiasm of greeting your best furry friend you can simply relax in each other’s company and always have someone there for you.

18. Conversation Starter

We know everybody isn’t a dog person but if there’s ever an awkward silence, you’re bound to have at least one pup-related story that can fill the gap! You may find you know more dog lovers than you thought and begin bonding with the unlikeliest of people over doggy tales.

19. Be a Better Person

The discipline, love, care, attention and patience needed to be a good dog owner are all pretty great traits to have as a great person too! If you’re winning at pet ownership then chances are you’re winning at life!

20. Best Friend Forever

Once you and your dog make a connection no one can break it. It’s a bond and friendship like no other and no one should be ashamed to say their dog really is their best friend.

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