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The Pantry

Off-the-shelf, limited ingredient dog treats delivered as soon as the next working day.

Woof & Bake Kits

Unleash your inner baker with our newest range of bake-it-yourself dog treat kits, featuring our delectable dog biscuits, cakes, cupcakes and yummy pancakes.
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Naked Dog biscuits

A selection of hand made all natural and organic dog biscuits, available in our four signature plant-based flavours.

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Iced Dog Biscuits

A selection of our signature iced biscuit individuals and sets, curated monthly and available as soon as next day.

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Back to Basics

Our range of gently dried single ingredient meat, fish and vegetable dog treats straight from farm to pup.

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Bark & Chewy

Gently dried plant-based chews available in three different flavours and made with just 4 organic and natural ingredients.

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Chill out all year round with our freezer-friendly, DIY pupsicles for happy hounds. Simply add water, freeze and enjoy!

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Introducing Sprinklepups™, our new sugar-free sprinkles for dogs, ready to adorn your home made doggy bakes.

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