Quick and Healthy Snacks for your Dog

Nov 15, 2020

Convenience is often key when it comes to offering your pup a treat but avoiding those not-so healthy snacks is something all owners should have in mind. It’s easy to simply grab something out of the fridge, but is it the right thing for your dog?

There is no reason every treat can’t give your pup a nutritional boost and taste great too. Here we have some handy single ingredients and foods you can offer your pup as a tasty snack, as well as a few recipes.

Something from the Kitchen Cupboards

Any of these ingredients is a great quick and easy snack for your pup:

Sweet Potato

A real sweet treat, sweet potato benefits from being packed with carotenoids, zinc, iron, potassium and vitamin A. Cook it in the oven until it’s soft and your pup can devour it as a tasty snack. It also has the added benefit of being low fat but high in fibre.

Brown Rice

Not the most flavourful of treats and not for all pups but it can be soothing for dogs with stomach upsets and it provides slow release energy whilst also filling them up.


Apple slices are ideal pocket snacks for when you’re out on a walk. Soluble fibre, vitamin C, vitamin K and calcium are all packed into apples. Don’t throw your pup whole apples though as the core and stems include potentially harmful cyanogenic glycosides.

Frozen Sardines

Crunchy and satisfying, frozen sardines are packed to the gills with omega acids and they can be popped in a bag or box and taken out with you on your next walk.

Preparing a Special Treat

Sometimes it’s worth baking or preparing something special for your pup’s next snack. These four recipes are rich in healthy ingredients and flavours your dog will love:

1. Peanut Butter Balls

2. Tasty Doggy Breath Mints

3. Sweet & Cool Pupsicles

4. Strawberry & Coconut Milk Ice-cream

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