Top 10 ways to enhance your Dog’s Wellbeing

Feb 28, 2022

The PDSA PAWS report offers up some sad statistics about dog’s wellbeing in the UK and if you love your furry friend, it's important for you to enhance their life in every way you can. The report into animal wellbeing also offers key insights into the effects of the COVID-19 pandemic on pet containing households and found that since 27% of dogs owned since 2020 are showing behaviours that could be related to a lack of socialisation. 

At Fluff & Crumble we adore our canine friends and we know you do too which is why we’ve put together ten easy tips for helping boost your dog’s wellbeing and keep your pup as happy as can be.

1. Know your Pooch Inside Out

Your dog needs to fit into your family, lifestyle and routine but you should also accommodate theirs. For a good doggy-owner relationship it is essential you know your dog’s routine and regular behaviour and habits. It makes it much easier to notice if there’s a sudden change or anything unusual which may need investigating.

2. Don’t be Doctor Google

Unless you’re a vet, you can’t diagnose anything wrong with your pup. It can be worrying if they’re out of sorts or not their usual happy self but rather than worry or search for answers online, speak to a vet, your behaviourist or any other professional involved in keeping your dog’s wellbeing at its best.

3. Speak your Pup’s Language

Along with knowing your pup’s routine, get to know their personal quirks and the meaning of their behaviours. Some dogs have different barks for different meanings and of course, if you spot a low hanging tail then there’s a sign of some discomfort, anxiety or unhappiness which you can work on together with your furry best friend.

4. Dedicate Time to Grooming

Not only is grooming necessary for keeping your dog healthy, it is a great way of bonding and connecting with your pup. While preventing skin disease it also gives you a lot of time to strengthen your bond and build trust.

5. Never Neglect Walks

It’s common sense that your dog needs to be walked. Even the laziest breeds need to get out and about whatever the weather and it can be good for both yours and your pup’s wellbeing. If your circumstances make it difficult to walk your dog enough, this is something you must act on. Find a local dog walker who’ll guarantee your pup gets their exercise and they’ll benefit from the socialisation with other dogs too.

6. Consider Puppy Sports

If you have a particularly restless pooch then finding unique ways to burn off their energy is a great idea. There are plenty of dog classes and sport such a flyball and agility which help focus the energy of even the most hyperactive pups.

7. Have Fun with Training

Training your dog is a lifelong commitment so why not try and enjoy it? Both mental and physical training should be a treat for your pup. Learning new commands and practicing new skills keep your dog’s mind healthy and active.

8. Mix It Up!

If your dog has a favourite game they will go back to it every time so give them more to do. Games are great for beating boredom and restlessness and build your bond too. Experiment with different games from hiding toys and treats to races and more high intensity fun.

9. Invest in Intelligent Toys

A rubber chicken or a fluffy monkey many be popular toys with your pup but sometimes investing in something which is more of a challenge is just what their senses need. Activity balls and puzzle games which dispense treats are a great idea and allow your dog to really get into the activity and use all of their brain power.

10. Only the Best Treats

Your dog’s wellbeing is closely linked to their nutrition. The PAWS report once again found that 9% have gained weight since March 2020. If you want to treat your dog right then treat them with natural, organic, health-boosting snacks. Designed to enrich health and be nutritionally beneficial, they are a much better option than simply scraping your leftovers into your pup’s bowl.

We know all Fluff & Crumble fans truly love and care for their pups, but it never hurts to have a think what else you could be doing to boost their wellbeing.

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